The Science of Vital, Awake & Aware Living for Young and Old

The Sacred Archives; the practical application for conscious living

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A Life Changing & Magical Adventure Education for a New Life Generation through the world of Visionary Fiction

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School Tuition Fees

This Playful & Independent Education has no fixed School Tuition Fees but many adventure study sections are password protected. However there is enough to read to get a good overview what this special education or better said re-education is all about. When you would like to have access to everything available send an email to to receive the password free of charge. (email Subject: Password Request) Be aware of the fact that from time to time the password will be changed and when you are on the email list you will automatically receive the new one. When you have something positive to say please do so, email and it will be posted with your permission in the section Contact & Comments.

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PPJ ‘Peter’ Smits

—The adventure of life

The Adventure of life is not about what we claim, demand, want and desire but what is given to us.

—The adventure of life is not about what we try to catch and what we expect but how we get caught by the unexpected.

—The adventure of life is not about what we understand and know but about the things we do not understand or know yet.

—The adventure of life is not about what we can imagine and see but about the things we cannot imagine and cannot see yet.

—The adventure of life is not about security and control but about going into the void, being challenged by the ongoing changes and accepting, adapting and assisting.

—The adventure of life is not just experiencing the exterior, the realm of body, mind and matter but going within and finding out what we really are, where we came from and where we belong.

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