The Science of Vital, Awake & Aware Living for Young and Old

A Life Changing & Magical Adventure Education for a New Life Generation through the world of Visionary Fiction

Great Souls and Quotes confirming this approach

Welcome to 

How to take care of you in every aspect of daily living
Learn how to deal differently with every challenging situation
Discover a new life foundation and look at life through different eyes
Integrate changes in every aspect of your life and keep changing
Become more familiar with the elements of Creation and indisputable Laws   
Get an idea how they operate and affect your Mind, Body and Worldly experience
Experience life from the level of your inner child which is full of zest, inspiration and joy
Learn to play all your different roles well – Like good actors do
Be a scientist of life and experiment in it with consciousness
Rediscover your Magical and Mystical Life Adventure

A new Dimension in Global Reeducation
Homeschooling Children and Adults

Vital, Awake and Aware Living
The Core of Every Faith
In a simple and practical format
Touching on every aspect of daily living
Presented through the World of Visionary Fiction
Revealed by Magical and Mystical Looking Characters
Representing the Guidance of the Creator, Universe & Nature
Enhanced with Symbols, Ancient Maps and Soul Touching Stories
Reminding you who you really are, how this world is build and regulated

A Playful & Independent Education

The School before and after any other Schools

No Authorities – No Competition – No Grades – No Diplomas – No Deadlines

Read at your pace and in peace to yourself and to others and be in the realm of fantasy

An Adventure for life – A Magical Journey – Fun Experiences – Rewarding Experiments

Rediscover and Reclaim your Universal Knowledge and make it Practical

Start reading, absorbing and integrating the information 

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The Sacred Archives

The Sacred Archives is ‘your treasury of vital, awake and aware living’, a magical and mystical realm with a unique school; The Universal University. The faculty members are a team of 32 teachers, also called The Sacred Council, representing the guiding forces of universe and nature and eager to become your personal team of Life and Awareness Coaches. The Sacred Archives has a special library filled with books, files, manuals, maps, symbols, stories and other documentations regarding the practical application of a Universal Awareness; a knowledge that lies within all of us and nothing new, once we hear about it and called ‘The Basics of Life Science’. This education or better said re-education is a lifelong scientific project in which you will prove and confirm that this knowledge is your inheritance and that you can practically implement it in every aspect of your life, at any time and any situation.

“Look and you will find it – what is unsought will go undetected.”

It is like rediscovering an assembly of wise elders, an ancient map, a lost manual, a magical school in disguise or long forgotten language assisting us how to live in harmony with our self, others and the world; empowering us with treasures, tools, consciousness, inspiration, motivation and definitely giving us a different perspective on life and every situation. It is being in a living laboratory in which we have to become a conscious scientist and do our experiments, rewarding us with fulfilling experiences. It is the place where real heroes are made, heroes not in one aspect of life but in all of them. Here is where a different life foundation is created and where a new adventure starts to live a fulfilled life and to become and stay, vital, awake and aware.

The information of the sacred archives, founded on universal principles, is for young and old, brought to you through the world of visionary fiction, with symbols and magical characters, keeping it all easy, fun and light and addressing every aspect of life. We are all looking for change and The Basics of Life Science is the foundation and tool to achieve a new life adventure.

“Man is never helped in his suffering by what he thinks for himself, but only by revelation of a wisdom greater than his own. It is this which lifts him out of his distress.”
C.G. Jung

Discover The Sacred Archives & The Sacred Council

Your Adventure School and Personal team of 32 Life & Awareness Coaches

Assisting you in every aspect of your Daily life

See Preview & Presentation below

The Sacred Archives ‘Your Adventure Curriculum’

                                       HOW TO WORK WITH THIS WEBSITE
When you are interested to learn more about The Sacred Archives, click on any of the subjects above in the black background (they correspond to the curriculum posted here above). There is no particular order in which you need to read all the information but hopefully it inspires you in the moment and motivates you to read and discover more. Children can proceed straight to The Magical Council, Soul Touching Stories with Jimjara, Life Guiding Conversations with Morai Amoro, Toro the Decoder, The Scared Wisdom Map or learning about Raw Food Living with Niamha. For teenagers, adults and parents it is recommended to continue reading all information on this opening page. It is a different education and a different way of reeducating yourself and your children.  

Take your time for it is created to assist you for a lifetime
It’s a Lifestyle Changing – Scientific – Awareness Adventure

When you need more structure start with;

  • The Sacred Archives Part A: 1) to 9) or  
  • The Sacred Archives Part B: 1) to 7) or 
  • The Sacred Archives Part C:
  • B7. Is for Resort Owners but directly linked to A to B and C.

Most of the topics will link you after a short introduction to other websites all being part of The Sacred Archives and p1) to p5)speak for themselves.

Continue reading here below:

How to Reprogram yourself

“Our Body/Mind is a Bio Chemistry Computer

Our life is governed by Conditioned Programs created by ourselves

To experience a different life we just need to reprogram it.”  

School Tuition Fees

At this moment in time this Playful & Independent Education has no fixed School Tuition Fees and many adventure study sections are password protected. However there is enough to read to get a good overview what this special education or better said re-education is all about.

 A Note from the Developer

It was not my intention to disrespect or query anybody or any existing system of knowledge or belief. The information is not for discussion because everything can be looked at from many angles, perspectives and point of reference; it is for you to decide what information to use. Realize that all written and spoken is based on concepts and descriptions and they are all incomplete. All written and spoken is merely ‘A Truth’ rather than ‘The Truth’, including all the information shared by me. Finding ‘The Truth’ is our individual and inner scientific adventure.

The links I presented in most of the websites sidebars are just a few additional sources of Schools of Thought, Philosophy, Health, Education and Science and for sure there are many more. Again keep in mind that all are just ‘A Truth’, being possible adventures and a means to an end, assisting you on your journey. No links are presented to any scriptures, faith and religion which is honored as each person’s inner scientific adventure. The adventure presented at The Sacred Archives is to acquire a latent Universal Knowledge and to make it practical in every aspect and situation of daily living; a science project in the realm of Body, Mind and Matter.

Please ignore the grammatical errors of the unedited information written by someone who was not raised in the English language. Make time, sit in peace and enter The Sacred Archives.

For Contributors

The information written in the world of visionary fiction, was my diary of moment to moment inner and outer experiences, that assisted me in my own transformation and which kept me awake and aware over the last thirty years. It was like having my personal team of life coaches, present within me and all around me, that helped me to  tune into the guiding forces of Creator, Universe and Nature. They guided me to a more harmonious life adventure, dealing differently with all the challenges and inspired me on my inner path and in the homeschooling and empowering of my children.

It was the foundation of my business, assisting customers, employees and my massage/bodywork students and supported me in my life & awareness coaching and treating of my clients. It has been the base of all the news paper articles I wrote and the workshops, seminars and discourses I rendered. The real special gift I received by letting all this information come from within and creating The Sacred Archives was that I basically multiplied myself by 32 which became The Sacred Council. This took the such called human authority out of the game of which I was very grateful about and replaced me with magical characters representing the guiding forces of Creator, Universe and Nature.

The websites which I created started out as my personal library and filling system; it helped me to keep an overview of the many different projects and inspires me to continue working on this immense project. Those who feel connected to this information and like to hands-on contribute and assist (Editing, marketing, designing, visual art etc), please contact me.

My Vision and Future Investors

At the moment I am writing a rough script that could be the base and start of transforming The Sacred Archives into an Adventure Game with many different types of game playing. It would be a Magical, Mystical and Practical Education Adventure for a Lifetime. When and how this vision could become a reality dependents on the right time, the right place and the right person or persons and that dependents on when it is meant to be or not. I have been doing my part and the vision is through this shared and put out there. The technology is there, the creators are there and as said, when meant to be, the money will be there as well.

Conducting ‘Get-togethers’

Although the studying of The Sacred Archives is created for self/homeschooling purpose,  those who feel to inspire others could conduct ‘Get-togethers’. One topic could be taken and the organizer and the participants could read the information while watching a monitor. The danger arises in a social setting of authorities, seniority and endlessly discussing the information which is to be avoided at all cost. Each person could keep a diary to write down how the information practically helped one in daily life and could share this with the others. Keep me informed about ‘Get-togethers’ and possibly they could be announced on the website.

Donations are Welcome

For those who are in the position to make financial donations please contact me at

PPJ ‘Peter’ Smits

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—The adventure of life

The Adventure of life is not about what we claim, demand, want and desire but what is given to us.

—The adventure of life is not about what we try to catch and what we expect but how we get caught by the unexpected.

—The adventure of life is not about what we understand and know but about the things we do not understand or know yet.

—The adventure of life is not about what we can imagine and see but about the things we cannot imagine and cannot see yet.

—The adventure of life is not about security and control but about going into the void, being challenged by the ongoing changes and accepting, adapting and assisting.

—The adventure of life is not just experiencing the exterior, the realm of body, mind and matter but going within and finding out what we really are, where we came from and where we belong.

Copyright © 2015 PPJ ‘Peter’ Smits All rights reserved

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