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How to take care of you in every aspect of daily living
Learn how to deal differently with every challenging situation
Discover a new life foundation and look at life through different eyes
Integrate changes in every aspect of your life and keep changing
Become more familiar with the elements of Creation and indisputable Laws   
Get an idea how they operate and affect your Mind, Body and Worldly experience
Experience life from the level of your inner child which is full of zest, inspiration and joy
Learn to play all your different roles well – Like good actors do
Be a scientist of life and experiment in it with consciousness
Rediscover your Magical and Mystical Life Adventure

A new Dimension in Global Reeducation
Homeschooling Children and Adults

Vital, Awake and Aware Living
The Core of Every Faith
In a simple and practical format
Touching on every aspect of daily living
Presented through the World of Visionary Fiction
Revealed by Magical and Mystical Looking Characters
Representing the Guidance of the Creator, Universe & Nature
Enhanced with Symbols, Ancient Maps and Soul Touching Stories
Reminding us who we really are, how this world is build and regulated

Reclaim ‘The Lost Manual’ assisting you to live Awake and Aware

The sacred archives is ‘your treasury of vital, awake and aware living’ and is a magical and mystical library filled with books, files, manuals, maps, symbols, stories and other documentations regarding the practical application of our Universal Inheritance, also called ‘The Basics of Life Science’ or ‘Consciousness’ or ‘Higher Awareness’; a knowledge that lays within all of us and nothing new, once we hear about it.

“Look and you will find it – what is unsought will go undetected.”

It is like rediscovering an ancient map, a lost manual, a magical school in disguise or long forgotten language assisting us how to live in harmony with our self, others and the world; empowering us with treasures, tools, consciousness, inspiration, motivation and definitely giving us a different perspective on life and every situation. It is being in a living laboratory in which we have to become a conscious scientist and do our experiments, rewarding us with fulfilling experiences.

The information of the sacred archives, founded on universal principles, is for young and old, brought to you through the world of visionary fiction, with symbols and magical characters, representing the guiding forces of universe and nature, keeping it all easy, fun and light and addressing every aspect of life.

“Man is never helped in his suffering by what he thinks for himself, but only by revelation of a wisdom greater than his own. It is this which lifts him out of his distress.”
C.G. Jung

                                        HOW TO WORK WITH THIS WEBSITE
This Website was created as a directory/index and filing system for the developer and not for commercial purpose. When you are interested to learn more about the sacred archives click on any of the subjects above in the black background or on the side panel. There is no particular order in which you need to read all the information but hopefully it inspires you in the moment and motivates you to read and discover more. It is a different education and a different way of reeducating yourself and your children.

Take your time for it is created to assist you for a lifetime
It’s a Lifestyle Changing and Awareness Adventure

When you need more structure start with;

  • The Sacred Archives Part A: 1) to 9) or  
  • The Sacred Archives Part B: 1) to 7) or 
  • The Sacred Archives Part C:
  • B7. Is for Resort Owners but directly linked to A to B and C.

Most of them will link you after a short introduction to 14 other websites
z1) to z5)speak for themselves.

In the near future The Scared Archives will most likely start with C. ‘The 7 Magical Adventures of Jenai’ and while reading you can click on additional info that will link you to all the parts of The Sacred Archives. Get a preview by reading two chapters of Vol 1 The Brotherhood of Pow

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How The Sacred Archives can assist you to change your life
Look at a Preview and get a complete Overview of The Sacred Archives

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Discover Vital, Awake and Aware Living  — Keys to Personal and Global Change

Re-education of the basics of life (vital & aware living) through the world of visionary fiction.

Is not everybody looking for change? Probably! But how can I experience a different life?
Have a different point of reference and do things differently.

Does this require change?
Yes and realize that universe and nature will be on your side.
Change is one of the most amazing and consistent factors in creation.

How much do I need to change?
Change one thing and you experience a little change.
Change things in all aspects of life and you experience a different life.

To do this it would be good to have teachers, coaches and guides.

But I have no time for that and how could I possibly accomplish this?
Just wait a minute because it could become your new life adventure.

And what about having a different point of reference?
When you do it from your present and/or adult point of view, the experience and change fades.

So why do you not approach life from your inner child?
Your inner child loves change, is drawn to fantasy and experiences life in a fun and playful way.

But is that not playing with ignorance?
Your inner child knows more than you can imagine; it is more connected and more pure.
It has Saint like qualities and experiences life from a magical and mystical point of view. 
This child is the most connected to your eternal true self while experiencing the Creation. 

Is that not unrealistic?
Call the world of the child unreal and the world of the adult real and nothing changes.
Your inner child loves it all, is curious, creative, flexible and adaptable and has zest and lots of energy.

Both worlds are just an imaginary world, a creation of your mind, transient and impermanent. It is just a choice in which and with which reality you want to play.
When you choose the make-believe world of the child, rediscover to play with everything again. Be a scientist of life and hero of your own life adventure and learn to play your roles well, like great actors do.

Do you recall your inner child and did you really experience it? Perhaps you remember a little but most likely you got too fast pulled into a very serious world reality. Almost certainly most of your learning became about that world with adults who are all desperately looking for change.

Hopefully you were reminded that you are an Everlasting Soul, dressed up in a human body suit and equipped with a mind, on a temporary adventure in the mortal Creation? That you came without anything and that you will go one day without anything but that you have to take care of everything which is loaned to you while visiting.

Were you inspired about the great adventure of life; the real treasures and mysteries?

Were you informed about the indisputable Universal and Natures laws that govern this foreign world and that you will be paying the price not knowing them but that you can use them as guidance with every breath and step you make?

Regarding these laws were you reminded that everything is created with opposites, is bound to time, constantly changing, going through cycles, has certain needs, has an order place and function, and being individual and unique?

Where you told that there is no need to compare and compete; that every action has a reaction, that everything serves you and that you need to serve back and care about these momentary gifts?

Were you acquaint that everything is already complete, that nothing needs to be separated and seeks balance when balance is disturbed and that there is always more than you can see or comprehend?

Was it explained to you that this body, mind and impermanent world is made from mortal substances that have specific functions, having an interconnection to all that exists, depending on each other and all affecting each other; and that they all are governed by these laws?

Were you made familiar about the faculties of the mind, that it is a great instrument to learn practical things through by the capacity repetition but when taken for real and operating under the sense organs and negative passions becomes your worst enemy?

Did anybody validate that all knowledge lays already latent within you but that you need external teachers to get that knowledge to the surface; teachers who are wise and who confirm this and teachers who direct you to those teachers within yourself?

Did anybody brought to your attention that all struggle, challenges, pains and discomforts are guiding messages and wake up calls through which you have the power to change things around?

Did anybody really sat down with you explaining and empowering you with the understanding that everything in the world is a reflection and creation of your own mind and by realizing this that you can be the hero of your own life adventure?

Was it shared with you that the power of accepting and adapting are instant powers you can work with, that there is no need to judge anybody or anything and that you can experience life with unconditional love, being gentle, forgiving, moderate and selfless.

Did someone enlightened you that everything written or spoken is just an opinion, a truth but not the truth but in order to find the truth one has to go beyond the realm of mind and matter and that you need to make a profound investigation to find a path and guide to accomplish this?    

Did anybody told you that this knowledge is the foundation and basics of life; the school before other schools? Did you had teachers, guides and coaches that confirmed all of this?

This sounds interesting but could it conflict with my life and in particular with my faith?

It shouldn’t because these are universal principles and should make your path even more practical. It is everybody’s inheritance, universal knowledge and about living your own fairy tale. It is about a child going into the void, exploring new things and experiencing change; and that is adventure.  

How can I stay connected to that child and claim this inheritance of universal knowledge?

You need to live it and you constantly need to be reminded. You need to know how this world is build, functions and is regulated. You need to have teachers and guides and a manual being on this great adventure. Everything in life is a scientific experiment, experience and adventure and a great adventure when approached in a conscious way.

This treasury will provide you with teachers, guides, information, variation and inspiration reminding you about this knowledge in a playful and fun way so you can rediscover your inner child and making sure that the adventure of change keeps going so you can experience a different life in all aspects.

Great Souls and Quotes confirming this approach:
“If there is anything we wish to change in the child, we should first examine it and see whether it is not something that could better be changed in ourselves.”
Carl G. Jung
“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”
 Albert Einstein
“The soul is healed by being with children.”
 Fyodor Dostoyevsky
“The law of love could be best understood and learned through little children.”
Mahatma Gandhi
“On the path of God-realization, one must become unfettered like a child.”
Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh
“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”
Albert Einstein
 “Every child is an artist; the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Pablo Picasso
“He was a poet; and they are never exactly grown-up.”
 J.M. Barrie
“We must teach our children to dream with their eyes open.”
Harry Edwards
“If help and salvation are to come, they can only come from the children, for the children are the makers of men.”
 Maria Montessori
“The problem in our society and in our schools is to inculcate, bring out what is in someone rather than merely to indoctrinate him/her from the outside.”
Joseph Campbell
“Children are notoriously curious about everything, everything except… the things people want them to know. It then remains for us to refrain from forcing any kind of knowledge upon them, and they will be curious about everything.”
Floyd Dell
“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”
Tom Robbins

A new Life Foundation

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Presentation – Preview – Overview

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 For Agent or Investor Only

The Vital, Awake and Aware Project

Dear Sirs

My lifework which I called ‘Vital, Awake and Aware’, written in the world of visionary fiction, was my diary that assisted me in my own transformation and which kept me awake and aware for the last thirty years. It was like having my personal team of life coaches who helped me on my inner path and in the homeschooling and empowering of my children. It was the foundation of my business, assisting customers, employees and my massage/bodywork students and supported me in my life & awareness coaching and treating of my clients. It has been the base of all the news paper articles I wrote and the workshops, seminars and discourses I rendered.

The websites which I created function as a filling system; it helps me to keep an overview of the many different projects and productions and inspires me to continue working on this immense project.  The content of ‘Vital, Awake and Aware’ lends itself to be developed in a way that we can have it with us all day long inside our modern communication devices but needs editing, ghostwriting, more visuals, narration and interactive components.

I am seeking a group of creative and conscious individuals or an individual or company who is interested to fine-tune and further develop ‘Vital, Awake and Aware’ will all its components, empowering mankind with this inheritance and creating a successful business with it all.
Each project stands on its own but is also interconnected which is the same with all the productions within each project that stand by them self but who are also interrelated.
There are endless connected products ranging from color, music and aromatherapy, t-shirts with symbols, symbols, maps, charts, card sets, masks and costumes that can assists in more revenues other than the all the productions mentioned in the presentation.

Use this website  to view samples of any of the possible productions but do not get lost as it is my filling system.

With kind regards
Petrus PJ Smits

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For developers reference only: The future appearance and purpose of the posted information will probably change with the evolution of the Sacred Archives but for the moment it gives an idea of all possible components and productions.  Some info may stay as teasers and previews, some info may become physical or digital books, some info may become educational and interactive CD’s, info may need to be for reading only and other may need narrating with visualizations, some info may be presented in chart, map, poster or card sets format and last but not least some info may lend itself for e-game or movie production. Ideas for further development of the website and its productions is in light pink color font and says ‘For Developers reference only:’

Copyright © 2015 PPJ ‘Peter’ Smits All rights reserved

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