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Welcome to 

How to take care of you in every aspect of daily living
Learn how to deal differently with every challenging situation
Discover a new life foundation and look at life through different eyes
Integrate changes in every aspect of your life and keep changing
Become more familiar with the elements of Creation and indisputable Laws   
Get an idea how they operate and affect your Mind, Body and Worldly experience
Experience life from the level of your inner child which is full of zest, inspiration and joy
Learn to play all your different roles well – Like good actors do
Be a scientist of life and experiment in it with consciousness
Rediscover your Magical and Mystical Life Adventure

A new Dimension in Global Reeducation
Homeschooling Children and Adults

Vital, Awake and Aware Living
The Core of Every Faith
In a simple and practical format
Touching on every aspect of daily living
Presented through the World of Visionary Fiction
Revealed by Magical and Mystical Looking Characters
Representing the Guidance of the Creator, Universe & Nature
Enhanced with Symbols, Ancient Maps and Soul Touching Stories
Reminding us who we really are, how this world is build and regulated

Reclaim ‘The Lost Manual’

Assisting you to live Vital, Awake & Aware

The sacred archives is ‘your treasury of vital, awake and aware living’ and is a magical and mystical library filled with books, files, manuals, maps, symbols, stories and other documentations regarding the practical application of our Universal Inheritance, also called ‘The Basics of Life Science’ or ‘Consciousness’ or ‘Higher Awareness’; a knowledge that lays within all of us and nothing new, once we hear about it.

“Look and you will find it – what is unsought will go undetected.”

It is like rediscovering an ancient map, a lost manual, a magical school in disguise or long forgotten language assisting us how to live in harmony with our self, others and the world; empowering us with treasures, tools, consciousness, inspiration, motivation and definitely giving us a different perspective on life and every situation. It is being in a living laboratory in which we have to become a conscious scientist and do our experiments, rewarding us with fulfilling experiences.

The information of the sacred archives, founded on universal principles, is for young and old, brought to you through the world of visionary fiction, with symbols and magical characters, representing the guiding forces of universe and nature, keeping it all easy, fun and light and addressing every aspect of life.

“Man is never helped in his suffering by what he thinks for himself, but only by revelation of a wisdom greater than his own. It is this which lifts him out of his distress.”
C.G. Jung

                                        HOW TO WORK WITH THIS WEBSITE
This Website was created as a directory/index and filing system for the developer and not for commercial purpose. When you are interested to learn more about the sacred archives click on any of the subjects above in the black background or on the side panel. There is no particular order in which you need to read all the information but hopefully it inspires you in the moment and motivates you to read and discover more. It is a different education and a different way of reeducating yourself and your children.

Take your time for it is created to assist you for a lifetime
It’s a Lifestyle Changing and Awareness Adventure

When you need more structure start with;

  • The Sacred Archives Part A: 1) to 9) or  
  • The Sacred Archives Part B: 1) to 7) or 
  • The Sacred Archives Part C:
  • B7. Is for Resort Owners but directly linked to A to B and C.

Most of them will link you after a short introduction to 14 other websites
z1) to z5)speak for themselves.

Continue reading here below:

  • How The Sacred Archives can assist you to change your life
  • Why it is important to Re-prioritize
  • How to Reprogram yourself
  • About The Sacred Archives
  • Index and complete overview

Are you looking for Change?

Why it is important to Re-prioritize

How to Reprogram yourself

About The Sacred Archives

Index and complete overview

Great Souls and Quotes confirming this approach

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