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I would like to thank the following persons who have been closely involved with my life work during all these years. (In alphabetical order)

Peter P Amato: Peter is recognized as a world-leader and pioneer in the emerging field of integrative medicine. The Inner Harmony Wellness Centers across the country are devoted to delivering a whole person, whole care, health and wellness model that combines the best of conventional medicine with alternative modalities such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, biofeedback, nutritional assessments and counseling. In addition, as the co-founder and chair of the National Integrative Medicine Council with Andrew Weil, M.D. Peter has worked with the Department of Education to deliver a stress reduction program for elementary school children. As an international lecturer and presenter he travels extensively around the world and offers his voice on such topics as consciousness and culture, personal growth, engaged spiritual for businesses and the Inner Harmony Approach to Extraordinary Leadership.

For over a decade, Peter has worked as a transformational consultant with organizations and groups in four key areas: education, health care, recovery and addiction. Peter strives to help his private clients understand their body-mind connection while encouraging them to embrace the spiritual dimension of their lives. Interpreting, living and integrating this spiritual realm into daily life continue to be Peter’s strongest and most enduring passion. Inspired by his own personal growth and his desire to connect deeply with people interested in transformative experiences, Peter Amato built Harmony Mountain Spa and Retreat as the ultimate getaway, nestled in the Pocono Mountains. www.youtube.com Peter’s Home Peter is the author of ‘Soul Silence’ which is a Unique Approach To Mastering The 11th Step and a comprehensive guide for the person in or out of Twelve Step programs who seeks release from the chokehold of addiction and suffering caused by negative thinking and reactive living.

With a Masters Degree in Transpersonal Psychology, Peter’s work goes beyond traditional health and wellness body therapies. He is currently continuing his education at Saybrook University where he is pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Mind-Body Medicine. Our paths constantly cross and Peter Amato used to call me Robinson Crusoe, and invited me over the years to different places in the world and to meet different people in the field. Peter is a great mirror in my life through which I am able to constantly grow as a human being and evolve through with my lifework. I have played many different roles in his life from being his therapist, consultant, colleague, friend to being the caretaker of his property and all of them were great adventures. www.peteramato.com and www.innerharmonywellness.com and www.innerharmonygroup.com

Jaap Arends and Hil Beekman: Jaap en Hil, were my two tennis coaches at a private school for physical education in The Netherlands. After finishing my studies they took me under their wing and through them I became involved in the educational publishing and instructional movie industry which was the first stone to my writing career. In conjunction with them I worked simultaneously for 4 different companies related to the development of a revolutionary tennis instruction method which became later the foundation of my own tennis schools in Germany.  Hil is now involved in alternative homes and living concepts. www.bpm-estate.com

Chris Blackwell: Christopher Percy Gordon “Chris” Blackwell is a British record producer and businessman, who is the founder of Island Records. Island is acknowledged as the most successful and groundbreaking independent record company in history. Chris has been a music industry mogul for over fifty years.  According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, to which he was inducted in 2001, he is the single person most responsible for turning the world on to reggae music. Forming Island Records in Jamaica on 22 May 1959 Chris’s business and reach grew substantially, and he went on to forge the careers of Bob Marley, Grace Jones and U2 amongst many other diverse high-profile acts. He has produced many seminal albums, and is known for his laid-back approach to his business, and the care he shows for his artists and the release of their work. He is recognized as one of the most influential people in Britain, and the global music industry. In 1989, Island was bought by Netherlands-based conglomerate PolyGram, although Blackwell stayed on to supervise the Island companies.

Separately, in the early ’90s, Blackwell created Island Outpost, a hotel and resorts company, and debuted in November 1991 the renowned Marlin Hotel in Miami’s South Beach and Jamaica’s Strawberry Hill in 1992, followed closely by Bahamian Pink Sands and Compass Point and The Caves, Jake’s and GoldenEye in Jamaica. I was introduced to Chris Blackwell by Greer ann and her husband Bertram at one of his resorts in Jamaica called Golden Eye being a part of Island Outpost’s resorts. On the occasions I met Chris in his various resort/homes and on his private plantation he always inspired me with a few words in regards my life work and guided me to keep my information short and fun. It was through him that I felt that my life work needed to be more in the world of magical writing and it was another inspiration to be lodged several times at Golden Eye where Ian Fleming wrote his books on James Bond. www.islandrecords.co.uk and www.islandoutpost.com

Juan Federico Carreon Lavalle: I met Juan many years ago in StMaarten when he was building the Christian Dior Spa and it was like meeting an old friend with so much in common.  He invited me several times to Mexico City where he has a factory in which they create the ground products for designing Spa and Cosmetic boutiques. Juan works in Middle and South America for various famous European cosmetic companies and he is truly an artist which he probably inherited from his mother who was a well-known Mexican Sculptor. Juan is a great friend who gave me many ideas and directions regarding my lifework and I admire him for the person he is. I look at him and see a Zen Master who is testing himself in the modern world and dealing with a lot of stress and he is handling it well in my opinion.

Sean Finnigan: Sean is one of the instigators and founders of ORE, a non-profit NGO, established in Haiti in 1985, and in Florida in 1986, to improve environmental, agricultural and economic conditions in rural Haiti by promoting high revenue tree crops, improved seeds, and marketing programs. As a local organization operating for over 25 years in Haiti, there were able to gauge the needs of local population and adapt solutions to their way of life. Sean who lives now on the Island of St.Martin FWI, offers a wide range of services from photography, web design, presentations, consulting – and proposal and report writing. Sean became a dear friend and assisting me throughout the years with structuring my work, editing some parts and teaching me how to build my own websites. www.oreworld.org and  www.SeanDesign.net

Margriet Groenvelt; Margriet is the founder of Puurzaam and a WaySeer. She let’s herself be inspired by nature, living in the moment and integrating a view of human evolution in the cosmic evolutionary process. Margriet connects with the latest scientific discoveries in quantum physics, evolutionary biology and neuropsychology, with the ancient mystical traditions and the thinking of contemporary spiritual teachers. Margriet always shows up at the right moment in my life and I suppose that I do in her life. (Perfect books, like everybody else) Each time after mirroring and going to the core of things always a new inspiration appears in order to continue our individual evolution paths. www.margrietgroenevelt.com and www.puurzaam.nl

Harry Kislevitz:  Harry was a painter and art director and was the inventor of Colorforms which became worldwide known. He was as well the former founder and director of the USA Thinking Team, raising awareness and building a better world and a pioneer of Waterbirth International. Working for Harry and Sydney as their personal body worker and fitness coach was an inspiration to see their drive for improving human life on various levels and in various areas and giving me many ideas for my own life work. It was also through Harry who invited me to a workshop in building Ceramic Houses that I met the renown Iranian – born architect Nader Khalili and discoverered many treasures in ancient building techniques. www.usathinkingteam.com and www.usatheaterteam.com

Hans Mulder and Riny Maas:  Through the guiding hands of Hans and Riny, I overcame my fear of writing while working for a publishing company Meander in Leiden in The Netherlands, which was a daughter company of SMD. Riny was for 20 years the vice president of SMD educational publishing and at this moment in time he is the owner of RiMacin, a company for all Apple Macintosh / iPhone / iPhone related problems, solutions, system updates and management. Riny is as well the secretary of Lumina – De Schakel which is a non profitable organization that aims to collect funds to benefit families and especially children in disadvantaged situations, who hardly have access to education, health, social services etc. www.rimacin.nl and www.lumina-deschakel.nl

Bill Pearl: American former bodybuilder who won many titles and awards, including winning the Mr. Universe contest five times, was named “World’s Best-Built Man of the Century and who became an expert trainer and author on bodybuilding. Bill who is an inspiring individual assisted me with his knowledge and experience on how to exercise my physical body in simple ways and always encouraged me to keep on writing and making writing a part of my daily routine. www.billpearl.com

Count Pierre de Proyard: The very short time I spend in Paris, in Pierre’s and his wife’s presence was an inspiration to see somebody of his status being a humble servant and living a very simple life. It was during that visit in Paris that I wrote my first children’s story and they encouraged me to continue with my new mission and passion.

Horst M. Rechelbacher: Horst who I met through Greer ann, who brought me in to The Caves Resort as the special therapist for his private new year celebration vacation, is the founder of the Aveda Corporation and Intelligent Nutrients. Aveda is a plant-based beauty company that manufactures hair care, skin care, makeup, and perfume and lifestyle products. Horst is a distinguished environmentalist, author, artist and innovative business leader who changed the face the beauty industry through his steadfast commitment to the development of sustainable, eco-friendly consumer products. We exchanged therapy and I had an amazing scalp treatment with essential oils which I use up to this day on myself and my clients. Seeing what he did in the industry, producing a quality product that is eco friendly inspired me in my work to continue to do the same but just through a different product. www.intelligentnutrients.com

Dr James Said: James Z. Said DC ND is a Naturopathic and Chiropractic Physician. Working with Jim was an ongoing inspirational adventure in health, healing and human relationships building. Jim is a genius in many healing assisting fields who thought me to trust and build on my inner and intuitive knowledge and to not feel restricted without having the norm expected requirements of diploma’s and degrees. Through Jim I was introduced to quality food supplements and learned a great deal about them by sitting into his seminars. www.drjimsaid.com

Greer Ann Saulter: Greer-Ann was together with her husband Bertram a Hotelier, Designer, Entrepreneur (The Caves Resort, Negril in Jamaica) and one of the founders of Flashpoint Film festival in Jamaica. Greer Ann inspired me in many areas of my life and my lifework and always told me to hang in, as she thought I was ahead of my time and had to wait for the right people with a pure heart to come along that I could connect my work with. Assisting her in her healing crisis, I got to know Melissa Mathison (Ex-wife of the famous actor Harrison Ford) renowned scriptwriter of the movie ET, Kundun and many others and it was at that time that I wrote about Body Decoding and a book on cancer dedicated to Greer Ann while lodging in Melissa’s home in Malibu, California.  Through Greer ann and Bertram, who also have two sons in the film industry, one is Storm Saulter who directed ‘Better must come’, I got introduced to many celebrities of which some became a contribution to my life work. www.islandoutpost.com/the_caves

Ron Shade; Ron was an example of vibrant health and who had his own fasting clinic in Texas in the eighties, he promoted Natural Hygiene Lifestyle and introduced me to the amazing work of Dr. Shelton and other old masters of that science. During his life, Ron assisted we through my first three week water fast and coached me into raw food living.  Raw food living became another major foundation of my life and each time I go astray I always find my way back to this simple and healthy way of living.

Maharaj Charan Singh: Charan Singh is the former Head of the Science of the Soul research Center Beas India. Both Charan Singh and his successor Gurinder Singh were my first two living examples that live in my opinion with the Highest Virtues and coaching me externally and internally to my highest human and inner aspirations and assisting and inspiring me to change my life into a Living Meditation. www.rssb.org

Stacey Tisdale: Stacey is dear friend, who has her second home here in St.Maarten, is on air journalist and has reported on business and financial issues for more than 15 years (NBC and CNN). Stacey authored a book which was released in September 2007, titled The True Cost of Happiness, The Real Story Behind Managing Your Money, in which I was invited to write on Body Reading. www.truecostofhappiness.com

Andrew Weil, M.D: Andrew Thomas Weil is an American author and physician, who established the field of integrative medicine which attempts to integrate alternative and conventional medicine. Weil is the author of several best-selling books and operates a website and monthly newsletter promoting general health and healthy aging. He is the founder and program director of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (formerly the Program in Integrative Medicine), which he started in 1994 at the University of Arizona. I with my daughter Jenai was a week together with him and his daughter at the opening of Harmony Mountain and served him through my body work. Being around him and listening to his seminars give me inspiration to stay on the path of being a pioneer and going with grace through the adventures. www.drweil.com

The Family Werndl: In the past the owners and family members of Werndl Office Furniture Company in Bavaria Germany, that later got sold to Steelcase USA, are surpassing the qualification of being called friends; they are my life adventuring bonus family. I served them in different positions and different areas over many years. The one standing out most was assisting in the development of Corporate Wellness in their company and managing a Vegetarian Restaurant and Fitness Center. The brothers Klaus and Thomas who I consider as my brothers always came up with the most innovated ideas how to make business and business life interesting, fun and profitable. I integrated many of their ideas in my own businesses and in my life work. The two brothers created later Quest Holdings which again became more than an investment company, more than one company for real estate projects and more than a consulting company. I am forever grateful for having them in my life. www.quest-immobilien.de

Additional Thanks To:

Philip Forster, my former business partner and the owners and managing directors of Maho Beach Resort & Casino and Great Beach Hotel & Casino: For bearing with me all the years when I was experimenting with things in the Spas business that were far  ahead of its time but who became the base of a new possible dimension of Body, Mind & Spirit Resorts with Spa.

Diane Bennett: For being a friend, your honesty, your help and inspiration.

John Berglund: For your gentle and encouraging words. John and Cyndi are the owners of StMartin’s only perfumery laboratory; www.tijon.com

Bruno Chandenier: For creating all the symbols in the beginning stages and laying the foundation for the artwork connected to the children stories.

Hubert Delamotte: For constantly encouraging me through all these years. Hubert is a dear friend, hotelier, chef and astrologer; www.3forces.net

Eustace Guishard: Guichard is an Anguillian hotelier who was the managing director of Malliouhana and later the general manager of the Cap Juluca resort, a dear friend and inspiration in many ways. www.capjuluca.com

Jim Mcgarry: For encouraging me to create my own websites. Jim is the owner and founder of Record Company ‘Rainbow Quartz’; www.rainbowquartz.com

Sethu Madhavan: For giving me the idea of creating characters, representing the forces of Universe and Nature. www.tmaxsxm.com

Stephanie Tihanyi: For creating all the magical council member characters, the image of ‘The Archives’ and the characters and environments for the adventures of Jenai. For more information on Stephanie and her work visit; www.stephanietihanyi.com

Dona, Tricia, Nadine and Diana: For bearing with me through all these years and helping me in various ways to keep going.

My brother Antoine: For helping me to keep things in perspective.

Jenai & Morai, my children: For giving me inspirations to stay connected with the world of visionary fiction and delivering my work through that media.

My Friends, students, customers and colleagues: For all being a reflection of myself and assisting me in my life evolution and in the evolution of my life work, through this understanding.

I love you

P.P.J ‘Peter’ Smits

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