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The connecting website which you can click on here above or below after you have looked at the preview is about Specialized Services offered by the developer of ‘The Sacred Archives’

All services are rendered by P.P.J ‘Peter’ Smits at the location of your choice

Enter the Circle of Vital and Aware Living
For all your:
Personal, Relationship, Family and Social/Global
Spiritual and Physical and Mental and Emotional
Challenges – Dilemma’s – Confrontations
Destructive Habits – Signs – Symptoms
Pains – Diseases – Disease Labels

Deciphering of any Challenging Confrontations
Transformational Self Healing Facilitating
Personalized Strategies and Programs
PEM Body Alignment/Adjustments
Integral Therapy – Vital Nutrition
Raw Food Prep – Joyful Fitness
Life Changing Retreats

Body, Mind & Spirit Spa Concept Developer and Consultant

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