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Contact – Questions – Contributors – Donations – Comments

1. Questions.

2. Contributors. Those who feel connected to this information and like to hands-on contribute and assist. (Editing, marketing, designing, visual art etc)

3. Donations.

4. When you have something positive to say please do so, email (Subject: Comments) and it will be posted with your permission in the section Contact & Comments.

5. Tuition. This Playful & Independent Education has at this moment no School Tuition/Membership Fee but many adventure study sections are password protected. However there is enough to read to get a good overview what this special education or better said re-education is all about.

When you would like to have access to everything available send an email to thesacredarchives@gmail.com to receive the password which is free of charge at this moment. (email Subject: Password Request) Be aware of the fact that from time to time the password will be changed and when you are on the email list you will automatically receive the new one.

6. Contact The Sacred Archives or PPJ Peter Smits, the developer.

Please email thesacredarchives@gmail.com

P.P.J ‘Peter’ Smits